Top 6 Money Saving Tips for Wedding Planning


Weddings can cost one an arm and a leg. In reality, no one forces you to have an expensive wedding. In fact, most religious leaders and attorneys are comfortable with a cheap personal wedding. However, since most of you fear shame, you plunge into things we can hardly afford.


It is like a necessary evil. Some people take loans to finance their weddings, a poor way to start the new life. If you have been looking for money saving tips, you are at the right place. The Internet is full of fake advice. For instance, someone will tell you not to marry on Saturday. How does money saving relate to Saturdays?


After putting such advice on trash, here are the top 6 amazing money saving tips that will cut costs and lead to a colorful wedding.


  1. Trust in the timing – In this post-modern world, a time comes when many pockets run out of money. Do not plan to wed in hard economic times. You will lack support from outsiders. We have peak seasons and the trough seasons. Just plan to marry during Christmas holidays or public holidays. Time when most civil servants are free from work. Surprisingly, timing is the greatest hack for people who want to save money on their weddings.


  1. Cut on costs – Do not buy whatever you don’t need. Do not purchase substitute goods just to satisfy the audience. Do not buy any clothing. Instead, rent. Have a down to the minute update on Black Fridays, and offers on Amazon.


  1. Get volunteers – Many people plan to hire professional cooks to do the job. If you want to save money, then get friends to cook, design, and guide visitors.


  1. Use available resources – To have a successful wedding, you must maximize the output of what you have. Here are few suggestions to help you. Use kids and children as flower boys and girls. Also, get colorful raw flowers directly from the farm.


  1. Be creative – For instance, you can find a designer to craft a wedding ring in the laboratory. In some cases, the crafted rings are as identical as real diamond rings.


  1. Do your shopping at once – Fortunately, most shopping malls offer huge rewards for bulk shopping. Even so, you may get yourself winning a car, just through bulk shopping.


Another point to note. Do not try to fake cakes or cut the number of guests, as this will make your wedding boring. Before you wed, tell your planning team to consider these points.